Vivoteq is the No. 1 mold removal and clean air company in Dubai and the UAE. We create healthy indoor environments and improve air quality through a range of services including mold remediation, AC duct cleaning, air filtration.


    We work in five-star hotels, offices, villas and apartments. We will identify the source of the problem , treat the symptoms and provide advice on resolving root causes to prevent it from happening again.
    Our EPA-registered anti-mold/anti-bacterial/anti-viral product is completely non-toxic and safe for use in hotels and private residences. We provide a warranty for 2 years on our mould treatment services (subject to control of relative humidity and adoption of our recommendations on resolving root causes).


    Our AirSafe air filtration units are among the best on the market and produce clean indoor air within hours, helping you manage asthma and allergies and your overall health.

  • Our Main Services

    Mould consultancy, Treatment of mold and fungus and AC duct cleaning in hotels at all stages of their development and operation - during construction, DLAP period or after some years of operation in EMEA region.

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    Mold Remediation and Treatment

    Dubai's Number 1 Expert.​


    Vivoteq is Dubai's number 1 expert at treating and removing mold and fungus from hotels and staff accommodation. We don’t just wipe it off, because that just causes the mold to grow back even faster!


    Using our unique EPA- registered products and professional techniques we identify the root causes of the mold infestation and then eliminate the dangers caused by mold. We identify WHY it happened and how to stop it from happening again. That’s why we warrant our work for 2 years!

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    Health Protection

    Nothing is more important to us

    • Cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces to kill mold and bacteria: Our unique products are non-toxic, EPA-registered and keep killing harmful microbes including mold and bacteria, long after application. Only available through Vivoteq.
    • Cleaning the air: Vivoteq provides high-quality AC duct cleaning for healthy indoor air quality in homes, offices, hotels and apartment buildings.
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    2 year warranty

    • Mold and fungus treatment: for buildings large and small. From villas to 450-room hotels, Vivoteq is the region’s top mold and fungus treatment company.
    • Warranty: Our reputation is second to none and we warrant our work for 2 years, provided that the indoor relative humidity is kept below 60%.
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    The leading expert in the region for indoor air quality through mold remediation, outstanding air filtration, AC duct cleaning, and healthy surfaces free from harmful pathogens.