• Protect the people you care about!




      • Worried about the spread of Viruses in Dubai and the  UAE?
      • Want to protect your staff, or your family with professional disinfection services?
      • Concerned that normal cleaning won’t provide the disinfection solution you need?
      • Want the security of a lasting disinfection solution  you can rely on?

      The Problem

      Viruses can survive on hard surfaces for up to 3 days, and on soft surfaces for over 24 hours*. Standard cleaning chemicals will kill the virus, but they stop working after they dry and so they are not the ideal disinfection solution.


      We provide long-lasting disinfection services which are entirely safe for people. And we provide these disinfection services in Dubai and the UAE. We also provide commercial disinfection services in Oman and Saudi Arabia, provided that air travel is possible.


      In 11 years of carrying out disinfection services across the UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia in thousands of hotel rooms, offices, homes and clinics we have ZERO cases of allergic reactions, even with infants. And we all know how small children love to lick things! Our home disinfection services are the safest for your family.


      * World Economic Forum, 28th March 2020



      The Solution

      Our exclusive disinfection services in the UAE are built on a unique US EPA-registered product called BioProtect DP. BioProtect DP is a water-based disinfection solution with 4 quatenary ammonium chloride salts (or "quats") to give a highy effective and instant kill of any viruses particles, plus any bacteria and mould spores.But it also coats surfaces.


      You only need one professional disinfecting service to get up to 3 months protection**.

      And That Is Vivoteq Disinfection Services.


      ** As proven by independent lab tests in US hospitals.




      How It Works

      The good news is that your standard cleaning chemicals can still be used to clean the treated surfaces as usual, because they don’t shift the molecule and thus destroy the long-lasting disinfection protection.

      • BioProtect DP is odourless, colourless and invisible and is applied by cold fogging. The disinfection process happens instantly once the 4 "quats" in the mist hit the surface. And then once the water mist dries, the active molecule bonds to the surface and stays there for up to 90 days, and longer, continuing the disinfection process.
      • The BioProtect active molecule was designed to work in two different ways:
      • Upon application, the bottom layer of the molecule attaches itself and permanently adheres to any surface that it contacts – hard surface, metal concrete, tiles or fabric.
      • The top layer of the molecule establishes a field of carbon atoms that align themselves in vertical spikes.
      • These spikes impale and “shock” any microbe or virus that touches the surface and deliver a fast “mechanical kill”, thus giving an ongoing disinfection solution.
      • Most cleaning chemicals only work while they are wet, and then lose their disinfection effectiveness. 
      •  BioProtect DP continues to work long after it has dried – up to 90 days, or more, continuing the disinfection process.  And that is why it is unique.
      • Vivoteq has the exclusive license to import BioProtect DP into the UAE.
    • Where We Protect in the UAE.

      • Homes                         Clinics                          Schools                        Public Buildings
      • Offices                         Hotel rooms                Nurseries                     Transport

      How We Operate

      Our EXCLUSIVE service is designed to give you complete peace of mind that our professional disinfection services are second to none and will keep your environment safe.

      • All our disinfection services in Dubai, and the UAE are personally supervised by one of the owners.
      • Commercial disinfection services can be arranged in Oman and Saudi Arabia. Please contact us to discuss your disinfection requirements.
      • We use small teams of highly experienced disinfection services staff who are skilled in the application of the disinfection product AND in working carefully and respectfully with your important / fragile items
      • Our UAE disinfection services are designed for companies and residential clients who want the premium level of protection through long-lasting disinfection.
      • We operate according to the disinfection guidelines set out by Dubai Municipality Health and Safety Dept Gu 87, 88 and 91.

      A Summary of Our Professional Disinfection Services​

      • Immediate virus kill with our powerful disinfection product
      • Disinfection of ALL surfaces:  walls, floors, carpet, rugs, desks, chairs, electronic equipment, soft furniture, clothes, toys, shoes, handbags.
      • Our disinfection solution lasts for 90+ days without a repeat application.
      • One of our owners will be present during the disinfection services to ensure the highest standard of care and attention.
      • Our disinfection services teams are highly trained and experienced and will take great care with your valuable property.
      • Our disinfection solution includes treatment of the AC system .
      • The disinfection services can also include the safe use of ozone and the provision of electrostatic filter cloth.
      • In 11 years, providing disinfection series in the UAE and the wider Gulf region in hotels, offices, schools, and homes, we have had ZERO cases of allergic reactions to our products.


      Please contact Mairi McKerr, Operations Director on +971 54 441 3503 to discuss your requirements